CARE Guides

So you want to wear your sick Vulture threads forever? Well, we can’t blame you. Now here’s how you do that;



Leather wants to be loved – give ém a gentle wipe down with some luke warm MILDLY soapy water (listen, we don’t know who ‘Luke’ is but you wanna got for body temp)… don’t oversaturate

Remember, leather is skin… don’t iron that shit.

Where possible, chuck a cover over it. You can get them for as little a couple of dollars. This will stop the dust and moisture collecting

Every now and then, give it a spritz with some leather sprat sealer, it’ll keep the jacket poppin’


Denim is built for longevity; from a historical point of view, it was made not to be washed because of its durability – hence its original creation within the trades industry.

Denim should be both washed and ironed inside out. Always wash in cold water to allow any glue or paint from lifting or shifting… heat causes a chemical reaction which can reactivate some glues and paint.

Same goes for bleach. Bleach strips pigments, so unless you want an off-white mottled mess (could be cool?), probz best to leave that.

Allow to drip dry, HOWEVER, if that’s not possible, chuck in the dryer on a low temperature – remember, heat is not friends with paint or glue

Lastly, Scotchgard that shiz… saves you from spillies….

T-shirts, Shirts, Jumpers, Other...

Cold water machine wash please! We tend to do a lot of dying and a cold wash will keep those colours bangin',. Cold water will also prolong the life of any prints on the shirts.

Wash everything inside out! This is a handy tip to help you protect all your clothes – washing inside out preserves the outside of the garment.

Any steel embellishments need to be thoroughly hand dried immediately after washing. If using a washing machine to wash embellished items, ensure the spin speed is kept low. This will stop embellishments being pulled from the garment

Be sure to check the listing to see if care requirements go beyond the generic ones supplied here.

Now go and show off your unique style.

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